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Holiday Season Touch Free Drop Off

Howdy, Dog Parents!

Most of you are familiar with our touch free drop off and pick up, as well as touch and paper free payment; however, we have updated, adding a second area to drop off, that includes a double gate system. You are now welcome to pull your vehicle beside our drop off gate for ease of managing your doggo. Once you arrive, please feel free to step inside our gated 8x8 space, place your dog's food onto the bench, and ring the bell. It is inside a plastic box atop the bench, This bell not only rings Camp FurBaby but also the home office, as all computer work and sanitization of dog bowls is done up the hill at headquarters. Oftentimes, we have on ear plugs, because a few dogs enjoy choir practice, so our doorbell also lights up.

Once you have our attention, we will wave and let you know to enter the drop off. You will open the first gate of the drop off and bring your dog inside. Close and latch the gate behind yourself. Remove your dog's collar and if your dog is wearing a halter, remove that too and take those with you. Now you may open the second gate, allowing your dog to run inside the play area and greet us. This way, your dog is safely contained and you can now close the second gate and slip away, without your dog following you. Remember, we take Covid-19 VERY seriously at Camp FurBaby. Help us protect you and your dog's caretakers by wearing a mask at our drop off. Staff are always downhill and the wind is carrying everything that direction. Staff at Camp Furbaby have autoimmune issues, including asthma. We are staying open only to serve our customers who are counting on us. If you need to have a conversation about your dog, you may call us on the phone, as it's difficult to talk wearing masks at drop off. We love visiting with all y'all and look forward to the days when we can go back to doing so after the vaccine. Until then, we must keep out interactions brief. Thank you for honoring our wishes, so that we don't temporarily close again.

Wishing all our pet parents a joyous holiday season,

Liz, Alexx, Zeb, and CeCe

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