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Returning customers may enter/ edit their reservations without calling. We MUST have proof of vaccination in "your documents". Inside your account, click the drop down menu, that says, "more actions" and select "your documents" to upload a photo of your veterinary receipt, of proof of vaccinations. On your reservation, we need the dates of expiration for required vaccines, of DHHP, Rabies, and Bordetella. The Bordetella vaccine  should be given at least a week before arrival at Camp. New clients please give us a call and tell us a little about your dog and schedule an assessment, before booking a reservation.  (469) 494-3988

Rates: 8x4--$45 1st dog, $32 2nd in shared space 

Rates on the following holidays are $50 for the first dog, as we pay our employees more on actual holidays. We are open 365 days a year, but we do not allow drop off or pick up on the day before Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving, after 11 on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, and July 4th.

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Standard Camper's suites are 8' x 4'. Partition walls block the view of the dog next door creating a more relaxing environment.  All 8'x4' dog boarding, kennel suites feature an antimicrobial, elevated doggie cot that is very comfortable. We also have tiny dog suites that are 4'x4'. These are away from the view of larger dogs, for tiny furbabies that are shy.

Due to Covid-19, we no longer accept outside bedding. You may purchase chews, treats, and toys from Camp FurBaby. We provide stainless steel bowls that are sanitized daily. We live on site, mere steps away.


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Soft Lights and Tranquil Music
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Your furbaby won't be left in the dark. At Camp FurBaby, we dim the lights at night, so your pet won't be scared. Plus, we play soft music that is recorded for dogs and recognized for its calming influence, which helps lull them to sleep. In addition, we have two TVs, to make the sleeping quarters homier. 


Pet suites feature vulcanized rubber flooring, which is easy on the joints and isn't cold like concrete. It doesn't absorb fluids, making it easy to sanitize.


Dog boarding kennels are climate controlled. 

Professional, insured carers make sure your dog has a vacation as great as yours!

What's included?

All overnight guests get one on one time with a human. A large play yard, with dog wading pools, a tunnel, see-saw, ball ring, and a ball launcher awaits. If we have a play group, then dogs are separated by size, age, and temperament. We are a small facility, offering doggie enrichment, so your camper will get loads of attention! Our schedule depends on the weather and temperature, but we strive to allow each dog ample time outside, or enjoying cuddle time in front of the TV. Although most want their dogs to socialize, it is not always possible and is at the discretion of the dog hotel attendant. We want your furbaby to have SAFE FUN!

Dog daycare and dog boarding kennel
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